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What We Do?

Advanced technological process, Pulse Width Modulation de-sulfating is used to treat the battery. This technology is supported by low frequency pulses of direct current and high electrical phenomenon that generate a vibration within the internal lead plates of battery. The resonance process then permits battery's lead plates to cautiously shed the hazardous sulfate build ups and return them to the matter, present within the battery electrolyte which would surely increase the specific voltage and gravity, lowering the electrical resistance back to factory values, making performance of battery higher. Our  SUN-C Model 4800F Universal system comes with a digitally controlled, high power of pulse width modulated process in a mult-channel design. The distinct Power Pulse Technology SM permits customer to handle power of the pulse, making the user capable to de-sulfate everything from small motorcycle battery using 10 AMPS  peak to peak to tightly sealed packed battery like VGA, AGM & maintenance battery utilizing 20-40 AMPS peak to peak, a golf car battery 100 130 AMPS peak to peak and combination of cells, up to 48 volts. The Model 4800F is equipped with dual channel mode that lets the machine to render double power over single channel system, that greatly reduces time taken to de-sulfate the battery. This system functions on line input voltage of 120 VAC, from 0-30 AMPS. Also, this particular system has veritable amperage consumption (at 110 VAC) as follows:

  • On A 48-Volt Battery it is about 20 AMPS.
  • On A 24-Volt Battery it is about 10 AMPS
  • On A 36-Volt Battery it is about 15 AMPS
  • On A 12-Volt Battery it uses about 5 AMPS

The system gives DC output voltage to the battery of between 0-100 VDC, between amperage rating of 0-30 AMPS RMS and 0-250 AMPS peak to peak. The peak-to-peak amperage and RMS is changeable by user due of our Variable Power Pulse Technology SM.

Why Recover Batteries?

It is not a hidden fact especially after the declaration made by Hazardous Waste Act 1989, that used lead-acid batteries are nothing more than hazardous waste; baneful for the environment. Each lead-acid batter holds of about 2-3 liters of sulfuric acid and major amount of lead, both of which are toxic. Lead is noxious for human body but for environment too, majorly for flora and fauna. It is estimated that in India, there are around eighty thousand tons of lead-acid batteries finished with each year, It is very essential as a hazardous waste, these should not go to land fill. Since, the waste of these batteries is harmful for both us and environment, it is important to recondition them. By recovering, we are are making contribution in conserving resources. The simple process of recovery aids in decreasing gas emissions from mining, processing and manufacturing, etc. By recovering old ones and not manufacturing new, we are reducing waste, deforestation and transportation needs.

  • Recovery creates jobs
  • Recovery helps us toward sustainable
  • Recovery reduces impact on climate change
  • Recovery saves environment
  • Recovery saves raw materials

Why SUN-C?

We are one of the leading enterprises that works immensely hard to extend batter life 2-3 times more. At times of UPS System breakdown, we replace system with standby unit within 1-2 hours regardless of place if offer AMC of UPS to SUN-C.

Scope of Work

  • We reformed Tubular, SMF, VRLA [Sealed Maintenance Free] &  NI Cadmium kind of batteries.
  • Our company is capable enough to regenerate old batteries after every set cycle period of 1 and 2 year and from the 3rd year,  looking at the battery performance, we provide 2 times extra life to the batteries.
  • For both new and old installed battery that is within warranty period, we provide 3 to 4 times extra battery life by adopting Trickle Regeneration that is applicable once a year only till warranty time is over.
Buyer Will Make The Following Arrangement
  • Upon buyer's petitions, we provide purchasing details of batteries.
  • Isolated battery from UPS/Inverter and electrical point as per need
  • Covered space for regeneration process

Initially, within year of recovery date, we will repair problems  without charging cost; except the case of Battery Repair, Forklift Battery Repair Services, UPS.

Regeneration Cost
  • For regeneration process, our enterprise provides all the needed materials like acid, distilled water; only wiring expenses are chargeable for battery owner.
  • 30% of the actual batter cost is charged. (Cost of the individual client)
  • Transportation costs are payable by battery owners solely.
  • One year backup - warranty first from recovery date

Terms for Payment

  • If figure of batteries are less than 16 at same geographical location then 100% against complete regeneration process.
  • If definite quantity of batteries are more than 16 at same location then 100% against completed piece of work once in week.

For P-AMC [Forget AMC switch to P-AMC]

  • Our company keeps batteries customer's batteries always near to 100% efficiency.
  • The total battery liability is zero.
  • It is completely our duty to render spare battery within contract period (No change of 1-2 battery is needed).
  • We assure customer's work will not halt even for a second due to battery failure
  • We serve not singularly acid and water of battery but IR & CCA too; unlike in AMC work.
Our engineering and know how production methods makes us capable to render complete prediction of battery life.

Example: when a 500 CCA (70 Ah) battery is fresh its conductance is at peak, without doubt it can provide 550 to 600 CCA. During working life there are chances of its conductance getting decreased and CCA capacity to 350 to 400 CCA. However, when  the conductance level of battery reaches to bad condition and CCA rating to 150 CCA, at this particular point battery may and may not work properly, it would be advisable to replace it for avoiding future problems.